Lynn Collins, tango DJ


I love to play tandas of traditional music to lift hearts, invite embraces and delight the senses.
The Golden Age is my main focus, with a few gems from the late twenties and the early fifties to add intrigue and flavour.

2018 Dates:

Saarburg Tango Festivalito
Saarburg, Germany, 6-8 April

Encuentro de Brujas
Bruges, Belgium, 4-6 May

Pequeña Festivalito Milonguero
Saarbrücken, Germany, 22-24 June

Tango par la Cote

Plymouth, UK, 6-7 August

Festivalito con Amigos
Saarbrücken, Germany, 12-14 October

Tres Besos Encuentro Milonguero
Basel, Switzerland, 1-4 November

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